Common Access Card (CAC) Developer Support


CAC Other Information

Technical Implementation Guide for CAC PIV Endpoint (as of April 2010)

Technical Implementation Guide for CAC PIV Transitional (as of November 2006)

Technical Notification of CAC 2.6.2b Applet Structure (as of June 2009)

Listing of all DoD Token platforms/configurations (as of December 2021)

CAC middleware requirements (as of May 2011)

CAC smart card reader requirements (as of August 2007)


Test Material

Which DoD test infrastructure is best for my development/testing needs?

Requesting Test Software PKI Certificates

Requesting Test Tokens


Links to DoD Component PKI/PKE Websites and Subject Matter Experts


Trouble with the CAC?

Anyone with questions or inquiries, and anyone encountering problems with the CAC smart card functions, applets, or middleware should outline the issues in an e-mail to DMDC at: