Renewing Your Uniformed Services ID Card

Sponsors may request Uniformed Service ID (USID) Card renewal online, which if approved, are mailed directly to the card recipient; no in person appointments necessary.  This page provides details on how to renew your USID card online.


What's Changing?

Sponsors can request card renewals online through ID Card Office Online. Cards will be printed by the Government Publishing Office and mailed to the card recipient via U.S. mail.



  • Sponsor may be a Common Access Card (CAC) holder or a DoD Self-service Logon credential holder and requesting a renewal of an active USID card.

  • The Sponsor and the card recipient must have email addresses listed in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) that they have authorized DoD to use for contacting them.

  • Authorization to use email for official contact can be made under "My Profile" on the IDCO website ID Card Office Online.

  • The Sponsor's personnel status must extend at least 30 days in the future from the renewal request date.

  • The card recipient has a photo saved in DEERS taken in the last 12 years.

  • The card recipient's mailing address is present in DEERS and in the continental United States, Hawaii, or Alaska.

    • Cannot be a Post Office (PO) Box.



Process for Renewing a USID Card

The sponsor will request a USID card renewal in ID Card Office Online, continuing through “Family ID Cards” with the “Renew Family Member ID Card” listed as an option.

Once the request is successfully processed, the card will be created and mailed to the card recipient via U.S. mail.

An email will be sent to the sponsor and card recipient once the card is shipped directing the sponsor to acknowledge the receipt of the card via IDCO.

Once the sponsor acknowledges receipt of the card, the new USID card will be activated and the prior card will be terminated.

The prior card should then be returned to the government.

If the renewal request is not approved or fails, the card recipient will receive an email.

Depending on the reason for the failure the sponsor will be instructed to submit a new request in IDCO or to visit a RAPIDS site for issuance of the card.